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Home Our News Pilot Activities & Evaluations: energy monitoring system

The pilot on „ICT system to support energy efficiency measures” has been one of the main pilots of the project.

By establishing adequate consumption measurements and control mechanisms it has enabled the partnership to monitor, observe and analyze the structure of the energy consumption sites involved in the pilot.

Partner in charge: Hódmezővásárhely (HU) (Lead Partner)

Partners involved: Prague 11th district (CZ), Burgenlandkreis (DE)


• enable efficient monitoring and optimized EE management by decision-makers/municipal authorities

• set up an Energy Monitoring Society Programme (EMS) to collect and compare the measured energy use of partner countries and develop common ac


o support harmonisation of specification criteria for smart measuring systems in the EU and the development of guidelines for applications, interfaces and protocols

o enable development of comm

on energy

saving plans & actions

o facilitate knowledge exchange between experts


Description: This pilot focuses on the monitoring of energy efficiency in selected municipalities with the use of the so-called Automated Meter Management systems. This energy monitoring system provides continuous and up-to-date information to the owners about the energy consumption of their buildings. The system measures and monitors all utility consumptions (gas, heat, electricity) by 15 minutes intervals. It controls energy use according to energy consumption plans, which results in cost saving. When using the system there may be a 10-15% energy cost saving even without any infrastructure modernization.


The process has three main components:

• Collection, analysis, upload of energy data

• Installation of a wireless consumption meter equipment

• System operation, equipment maintenance

System functions available for GovernEE partners:

• utility consumption data report

• utility consumption data comparison by time

• utility consumption data comparison of different buildings

• comparison of local and transnational partner consumption trends

• 3-monthly reports for further cost saving planning

• further saving possibility suggestions

The investment enables municipalities to report energy data by type of energy resource, to monitor energy consumption and make annual planning and cost calculations, also allowing access to data of the concerned institutions and making comparative analyses; altogether the system enables overall optimised energy performance of buildings.

Furthermore, a joint platform connecting the measurement results in the participating pilot sites has been established to form the basis of a future cooperation (EMS) and joint actions.


Timeeline: April 2011 - April 2013


• Hódmezővásárhely: 71000 Eur

• Burgenlandkreis: 18000 Eur

• Prague 11th District: 9600 Eur


Pilot evaluation

By providing continuous and up-to-date information on energy consumption,

the ICT monitoring system pilot facilitates the formulation of correct energy

strategies and plans, as well as the definition of consumption trends and cost estimations. During the implementation of the tool the key problems that occurred were the lack of willingness to use and install meters for monitoring, the discrepancies with energy suppliers on data ownership and the Privacy Law.

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This project is implemented through the Central Europe Programme co-financed by the ERDF.