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Annual Conference of the EU Strategy: over 500 participants, closing key note speech by Angela Merkel (Danube Region Regensburg, 27-28 November)

Following its endorsement in April 2011, the implementation of the Danube Strategy has started along its Action Plan, through a large number of actions and initiatives. Over 70 projects were facilitated within the 11 Priority Areas of the Strategy. Priority Area Coordinators (Two PAC assigned to each Priority) were in charge of coordinating the implementation process through regular thematic and Steering Group meetings, whereas National Contact Points established in member countries helped ensure commitment and involvement of relevant national / regional authorities.

The aim of the Annual Forum in Regensburg was therefore to gather key stakeholders and collect their thoughts and conclusions gathered through the past 18 month implementation period.


The Conference was attended by over 500 participants including representatives from Grants Europe Consulting and HitesyBartuczHollai Euroconsulting, among them numerous high level decision makers from the 14 member countries but also from areas beyond the Danube Region. Both the number and quality of the participants and speakers highlighted the enormous political strength behind the Strategy and the potential impact of its implementation.

Details of the financing structure are yet to be elaborated, however we can already confirm that the programme will be mainly funded through the transnational cooperation programme in this region, leveraged with other funds (e.g. Objective 1, Horizon 2020, etc).

Currently, new project initiatives are being identified by the Priority Coordinators, therefore the opportunity is there for potential beneficiaries to propose strategic projects with macro-economic impacts!

For more information on the Conference and on the Danube Strategy, click here.

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